Whoo Hoo!!! This Celebration Walk is About YOU Walking For YOU!

A World Wide Walk

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A World Wide Walk is about you doing something for YOU. You deserve it. You deserve to take a little bit of “you time” and do something good for yourself!

On November 1st all you have to do is walk, hike, run, bike – just be active for 10 minutes.

Anywhere, any place. It doesn’t have to be far or fast. This is about you taking a few minutes and doing something good for yourself. It’s just a walk for YOU.

All we ask you to do is follow the simple 3 steps below and COME WALK WITH US!

i walk for me!

Walkers in 40 Countries, All 7 Continents – Even Antarctica; All 50 U.S. States and All Canadian Provinces & Territories Are IN! Are YOU?

  Jo Ann TaylorJo Ann Taylor co-founded The Walking Connection in 1989. She started the World Wide Walk event as an extension of her own commitment to herself to walk every day for at least 10 minutes. November 1, 2015 will be her 2191st consecutive day of WALKING for her health and fitness! That’s 6 Years! Read more about Jo Ann here.
Visit our Facebook Event Page today and Post WHO YOU ARE & WHERE YOU”LL BE WALKING on November 1st. Click here to download your #iwalkforme sign. If you are not on Facebook, Email us the same info here.

Jo Ann Taylor - Come Walk With Me!

Before, during or after your walk take a selfie or group shot of you and your friends. Then Tweet, Instagram and/or Facebook it along with your story. Use the hashtag #iwalkforme.


Go to our Facebook Event Page and see up to the minute posts from others checking in from around the world. Thanks and WALK ON! (You don’t have to to join Facebook to see the page).

World Wide Walk Event Page

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  1. 17 Oct 2015
    JoAnn, You truly amaze me. What a wonderful idea your world-wide walk. I've had November 1 on my calendar for weeks and have planned my walk along the beach in Santa Barbara, under the post card palms, with my 4-legged friend, Luna. I may even get the rest of my family to join me. I feel as if I'm going to a party with people from around the world. So sad that every one of all the world's people can't find it in their hearts to just walk together. You and Gene will be top of my thoughts. Love, Jan Reply

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