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Welcome To The Walking Connection – Where Walking IS THE Connection!

If YOU are visiting our web site because you love to walk, hike and are an adventurous traveler seeking to set foot in some of the world’s greatest destinations, then you are in the right place. In 1989, we were intrepid baby boomers who exchanged the frenetic pace of a busy corporate worklife for the relative peace of exploring distant mountains, walking around endless corners just to see what is next, and the ultimate – coming face-to-face with the other people of Earth, to see them, meet them on their own ground, to share with them and learn how they live.

Our company and our family of websites is not just about our journey along the paths of the world we live in. It is also about you, our fans, our travel mates, and mostly, our friends and the adventures you take along with us. Some of those adventures are close to home – like the “JA Walk Days.” Here and on her blog, Jo Ann regularly posts entries about her consecutive days of fitness walking and her thoughts along the way. We are proud to tell you that there are many of you who have decided to follow her lead and are now actively walking and posting to Facebooks the world over. Recently, JoAnn completed her 1000th consecutive day of fitness walking and hiking.

This site also has all sorts of great walking tips, techniques, training techniques, exercises, healthy living tips, a bunch of fun stuff and tons of pictures from around the world to enjoy. All of these and more can be found in the iWalk section. Check it out.

Hikers the world over contribute stories of their conquests, talk about great places to hike, and share pictures of actual places they’ve been that many people only dream about. iHike has growing content with tons of info, links, pictures, videos and guest blogs about member and non-member adventures, great walks from around the world and soon there will be a special Photo Blog section where Gene will share some of his travel photographs from around the world.

Walk Talk is dedicated to walking, hiking, health and active lifestyles. Become a member of a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to leading healthy, active lives.Enjoy access to hundreds of ideas, tons of information and helpful tips on you can live a happier and healthier active lifestyle. As well as, training tips, links and suggestions.

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