Do You Want To Burn More FAT?

Celebrate Walking

Then don’t just stand there, lift something!

Did you know that a pound of fat burns only 2 calories per day? On the other hand, a pound of muscle burns a whopping 38 calories per day! Do you want to burn more fat?

Then don’t just stand there, lift something! To successfully loose body fat, research has shown that regular strength training in combination with aerobic exercise like walking and a low fat, nutritionally balanced diet (not gimmicky dieting) will get you the results you want!

And the news gets even better! Proper weight training not only raises your metabolism, it also improves functional fitness. Lifting weights will reduce the risk of injury and the likelihood of getting osteoporosis. It increases your flexibility and strength so your day-to-day activities can be accomplished without undue fatigue.

By lifting weights, the only thing you have to lose is those unwanted pounds of body fat. Start a resistance training program today!

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