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VIP Walking Adventures

Galapagos Island GuestsSmall Group VIP adventures exclusively with Walking Connection Co-founders, Gene and/or Jo Ann Taylor.

These small group travel adventures usually consist of just 8 – 12 Walking Connection guests, family and friends, depending upon the destination. This means we have just the right number of people to walk with and share experiences during the day and great conversation, a favorite beverage and excellent dinner by night. Because of the smaller size, we are more flexible in our timing and can usually accommodate people that walk at varied paces.  Frequently we alter a days itinerary to meet the serendipitous things that occur when we least expect it.

Our accommodations are typically small, quaint and out of the way places where larger groups just don’t fit. Indeed, many times the historical inns, castles, homesteads, agri-turismos, private homes or lodges we use may only have enough rooms to accommodate our group. There is nothing better than to be able to meet and share a story and a drink with a local innkeeper.

Walking Connection Co-founders, Gene and Jo Ann Taylor

Jo Ann and Gene Taylor

Since 1989 The Walking Connection has been offering journeys to exciting destinations in a style that has been defined by the company founders, Gene and Jo Ann Taylor. We know that your active adventure with us is not just a holiday from your day-to-day life, but rather an extension of your lifestyle. It’s about you doing things and seeing the world at your own pace – backed by our careful planning and commitment to setting the highest standards of comfort, luxury and adventure.

“Come Walk With Us,” is not just a company tag line or slogan. It is our genuine invitation to you to join us and our close Walking Connection friends and family as we continue to explore and experience new and exciting places around the world. We are always adding new destinations and departures, and occasionally offer very selective “exploratory adventures” for just a handful of guests. We usually limit the number of these exclusive small group international trips to just four per year, so we urge you to contact Gene or Jo Ann to learn more or to book your adventure today.

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Guided Walking Adventures

Heli-hiking adventure with The Walking Connection and Canadian Mountain Holidays

Heli-hiking Adventure with The Walking Connection

Walking Connection and local partners lead the way on a walking adventure planned itinerary with your own small group.

Over the years we have learned that though many of our guests love to travel and explore the world together, others choose to do so on a schedule that is different than our planned small group departures. For YOU, our Guided Walking Adventures is the perfect fit. It is our personal service that not only takes you to the fantastic destinations, but links you directly to the people who either own and/or manage each place we walk. These folks are close friends and professional colleagues who work with us to create our traditional group adventures and they are the same people who will help us plan an extraordinary independent adventure just for you.

Uncle Jim Trail Overlook

Uncle Jim Trail Overlook

They know the local landscape, the best walks, the best restaurants, the best places to visit, when to go, how to get there and most importantly, the local people in their communities who can turn your adventure into a lifelong memory. Together we have created a series of neatly planned itineraries that blend the perfect amount of guided and unguided activities along with just the right amount of free time for you to independently explore on your own.

Our Guided Walking Adventures are usually made up of 8 – 12 new-found friends ready for a fantastic “people-to-people” experiential travel adventure. Together with your guides, you’ll walk with fellow like-minded people from across the globe who are eager to learn about your life and share theirs with you. You’ll explore some of the most beautiful places around the world and at the same time knowing that your guide has a personal interest in seeing to it that each facet of your trip is just right.

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Private Walking Adventures

Walking Connection Adventurers

Walking Connection Adventurers on Santa Cruz Island – The Galapagos Islands.

Team building, private family outings, affinity groups & small corporate groups.

We have a strong background in conducting everything from meeting planning to city wide conventions. We put that knowledge and experience to build a special event, designed to meet your goals and budget. Whether you want a serene setting for introspection, a dynamic and energetic multi-adventure destination, a team building challenge such as hiking the Grand Canyon or Mt. Kilimanjaro, or a family friendly atmosphere for families to connect or reconnect, we specialize in private departures that are perfect for you. We have experience in more than 30 countries around the globe and more than 25 years of travel industry experience. We will work closely with you to plan and organize your exclusive adventure. When Every Detail Matters!

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