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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a questions we are asked most frequently about what is like to travel with the Walking Connection. Here are straight-forward answers to those questions along with other insights to provide you with a more complete picture of the experience we provide.

Since 1992 we have been leading cultural active adventures for guests just like you. The young or young at heart enjoy the satisfaction a day’s exploration brings and relax in the pampering provided at the end of the day’s journey.

Learn why there is a difference when you travel with us and what to expect on our trips including; who travels with us, how far we walk each day, how strenuous our walks are, what is included in your trip, what to bring and more.

With a guest repeat rate of over 90%, many new guests come to travel with us through referrals and invitations from other seasoned Walking Connection travelers.

As the Walking Connection continues to grow through our web site, we know by experience that many new travelers often like to talk to the tour director, owners or trip guide before making a decision to travel with the Walking Connection.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you or exchange e-mails to answer your questions, comments or requests for additional information.

Traveling with The Walking Connection

Is it right for me? (Click to Open)

Yes, if you like to get off the bus or out of the car and treat yourself to an intimate relationship with your surroundings. By walking the countryside or strolling bustling city streets, you have the chance to explore the path less traveled. To immerse yourself in the true flavor of a culture, the people, its history and all of its unique sights and sounds, it must be done on foot.

Why travel with the Walking Connection?

Traveling with the Walking Connection is not about going on a “group” tour. It is about taking a ‘real’ vacation where all the details are planned so that you can relax, reenergize and truly be stress free. We find special places that without us, you would probably not find on your own.

Once there, you have plenty of time to be independent and explore on your own. We pride our selves in personal service by knowing our guests on an individual basis. We will learn what your likes and dislikes are, what you are interested in and what your physical capabilities are. Then based on that information, we share each destination with you as only we can.

Our Trips

How far do you walk each day?

Each destination we travel to presents a unique opportunity for walking. Guests can walk as little or as much as they want. You will typically have options throughout the day so that you can walk your pace and pick and choose how much or how little you would like to do. You may choose to get up for a walk to a farmers market before breakfast or take the morning at a slower pace. A van or mini-bus is always available for anyone who needs a lift. If you regularly walk and can comfortably go 3-5 miles at a time, these vacations are perfect for you.

What are the accommodations like?

Always high style and first class — we want you to feel pampered. By selecting the best available and most suitable accommodations an area has to offer, we ensure you will finish each day the way it began — peaceful, relaxed and looking forward to your next experience.

What will the meals be like?

Wherever you travel with the Walking Connection, the cuisine reflects the regions very best. Many times we dine in small, quaint family operated restaurants, frequently in private homes, farms or vineyards, and occasionally in local cooking schools where we participate and learn how meals of the area are prepared. Breakfasts are hearty and frequently lunches will be picnics served at some of the most beautiful places on earth. If you have special dietary needs we can usually accommodate them with advance notice.

Our Guests

Who travels with the Walking Connection?

They are like-minded people with a positive outlook on life. Many are between the ages of 40 – 65, but all other ages are well represented. You will meet individual travelers and couples with diverse backgrounds who share a common love for seeing and experiencing the world, its cultures and people close up. Based upon past experience, over 90% of people who travel with the Walking Connection — will do so again!

What if I don’t have anyone to travel with?

Single travelers are always welcome on Walking Connection trips. In fact, most of our trips are a combination of couples, single travelers and close (same gender) friends who enjoy traveling together. We often help locate roommates for guests as well as offer reasonably priced single supplements for those who prefer to room individually. In any case, you can rest assured that by the end of the trip you will have made many new friends.

How many walkers will be on a trip?

We limit the size of most or our groups to 16 guests with the average size being 12 – 14 guests. As important as group size is our guest to host and guide ratio. We generally have at least 1 guide/host for each 6 people on a trip. Private trips or family groups allow even more flexibility in size.

Weather, Safety & Special Gear

What do we do in case of inclement weather?

Always, safety first. Because we travel to many different areas, each offering its own challenges as far as the weather is concerned, we start with safety. Once we know it is safe, we modify our day to best accommodate the abilities and interests of the the group.

Should you not want to participate in the day’s planned activity, for whatever reason, your host and guide can recommend alternatives for you.

With safety concerns satisfied, our overall belief is that there is no bad weather, just unprepared guests. We will do our best to inform you of all the possibilities before you ever leave home.

Do I need any special gear?

In general, a comfortable daypack, seasoned hiking boots, a pair of athletic shoes, sports sandals, rain gear and sunscreen are essential.

A detailed list of what to bring is customized for each trip and included in every confirmation kit.

Inclusive Vacation

What is included in the trip price?

  • Comprehensive information prior to the trip including reading lists, recommended web sites and detailed information about the destination.
  • All accommodations with private baths, breakfasts, most lunches and dinners each day.*
  • Experienced Walking Connection Tour Host, local resident guides, and additional city guides or naturalists for selected trips.
  • Internal flights, boat rides, trains, 4-wheel drive, camel, elephant transfers on trips where noted.
  • Gratuities for all hotels, porterage and meals.
  • Special events entrance fees included in trip itinerary, such as park entry fees, museums, villas, archaeological sites, special walking events, etc.
  • Drinking water provided for each day’s walks.
  • Daily trail snacks.
  • Special Walking Connection travel gifts and surprises throughout your trip.
  • The unbeatable experience of traveling with new-found and old Walking Connection friends. A single trip with the Walking Connection will provide you with a lifetime of stories to share with your family and friends.

*Each Walking Connection trip has its own special characteristics. This listing is a general guideline. For complete details of what is and what is not included on each trip, please see the individual trip brochure or web site.

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